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Paul Jonker and I presented our second project ROOKT at Strandlab. 


This time the season Autumn had full attention. We talked about scarcity and how to deal with the colder time that is ahead. This guided exhibition is composed with ingredients from the surrounding of Almere beach, specific with elements only occurring in the autumn season. All the ingredients that we spoke about were included in the final result of a Eenheidsworst (Uniform sausage) and toppings.


The (eenheidsworst) sausage bun consists of:


- sea buckthorn and horseradish sause, smoked Pine needle mayo, fried Nettle and roots,

smoked and barbecued Sausage of roots and mushrooms, pickled evening primrose root and burdock root, a bun of brouwerij stijl beer and acorns all served on selfmade paper made of reed.

Next to presenting the sausage, I also talked about different ways of preserving things besides food products.

1: Different stories of how people dealt with perserving bread

2: preserving memories and stories. All the ingredients of the past few seasons on tiles with pink clay taken from the Almere beach waters.

3: Different ways of preserving.

4: Paper made from reed and grass from the area.

5: Introducing local Beer from Brouwerij Stijl  (They have a very circular system for brewing)


Chef - Paul Jonker

Photo's - Nicky de Ijl

Beer - Brouwerij Stijl

Location and support - Strandlab

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