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Paul Jonker and I presented our project SMELT with the summer field academy at Strandlab. The first part was a storytelling flavour route composed with specific summer elements surrounding the area of strandlab. Things that are normally overseen or experienced as unpleasant. The second part of the route was the tasting of a cooling desert. This consisted of a rosebud/mugwort sorbet with a hogweed/algue jelly, a crisp of algue, a sugar coated wasp, leaf of the evening primrose on a bed of hawthorn sand crumble served on a ceramic triangle mussel shell. This route is composed from the surrounding of Almere beach, specific with elements only occurring in the summer season. 


Graphic - Lotte Ooms

Photo's - Nicky Deijl

Summer sessions festival organization - Cocky Eek

Location and supported by - Strand Lab 

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